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Telecare services from PPP Taking Care

Telecare Services

Telecare services can help you or an older loved one live independently at home.

Telecare services detect when there is a problem or risk and alert the monitoring centre. Trained staff will then respond, for example by calling your nominated contacts or the emergency services.

There are a range of services and products available. These detect different risks and can be combined to provide the level of support you require.

Telecare devices

What telecare services are available?

The most common telecare device is the personal alarm. These can be worn as an alarm pendant or bracelet and have an easy-to-use emergency button.

If you suffer a fall or feel unwell, pressing the emergency button will quickly call the monitoring centre. PPP Taking Care’s monitoring centre is based in the UK and answers calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our monitoring centre handles over 25,000 emergency alarm calls a year.

The peace of mind and security of knowing assistance is available at any time of the day or night helps many people remain safe in their own homes.

Telecare assisted technology

What other telecare products are available?

There are other telecare devices that work alongside the personal alarm. These can be added to provide enhanced security and peace of mind, for both you and your family.

  • Fall detectors automatically detect a trip or fall. A fall detector will call the monitoring centre without the wearer having to press a button. Falls can have serious consequences for older adults and are one of the leading causes of hospital admissions.
  • Unfortunately, bogus callers and distraction burglaries target the vulnerable and elderly. A bogus caller button can be placed by the front door so that you can easily call the monitoring centre. Trained staff can then help you deal with any unwanted callers. These devices are sometimes also called panic buttons, panic alarms or bogus caller alarms.
  • Home sensors can be placed around the home and when they detect a risk, they automatically call the 24-hour monitoring centre. Home sensors can detect changes in temperature, smoke, carbon monoxide or a flood from a tap that has been left on before it becomes a serious threat to you or your home.
Getting help to stay safe and independent

When you are choosing a telecare provider, you may wish to consider what other services are available to help you in the future as your support needs change.

PPP Taking Care offer enhanced packages that can be tailored by adding sensors or other services:

Medical helplines
Medical helplines

Managing prescriptions or understanding medical conditions can be confusing. With our medical helplines you can speak to a qualified nurse or training pharmacist seven days a week.
Medical helplines

Key safes for elderly
Key safes

A key safe is a simple and secure way to store a door key and provide the emergency services with convenient and immediate access to your home. 
Key safes

Who can telecare help

Who can telecare help?

There are an estimated 1.7 million telecare users in the UK with a wide range of conditions, including dementia and long-term health issues. *

Although many elderly and vulnerable people benefit from the services, telecare can provide a helping hand in many different circumstances. You may be getting a little unsteady on your feet and would like reassurance that you can get help should you need it in an emergency. Or you may be returning home from hospital and want reassurance that extra support is available whilst you recover.

Not everyone has family or friends who live nearby who can help and these services provide peace of mind to families and carers too.

If you would like some advice on what telecare services would suit your needs, our friendly team are happy to help. Call 0800 085 7371 or email

How to order a telecare service

You can order our personal alarm service online. If you would like to add any of our other telecare devices and services, please call us on 0800 085 7371.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.


Finding support and information


* Statistics from the Telecare Services Association

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