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Recommendations for Personal Alarms

Recommended personal alarms and telecare

By providing 24/7 support, we help our customers remain independent and active.

99% of our customers say the personal alarm service met or exceeded their expectation. We take great pride in the service and peace of mind we provide to our customers and their families. *

Value for money

"I would definitely say go for it for peace of mind, and the cost is small."

"It also gives the rest of the family peace of mind as if he was unwell or fell all he has to do is press the pendant and assistance will be there quickly."

"Definitely worthwhile, a good investment knowing help is at hand in an emergency."

"If they are considering buying one I would say just do it because it's such a good thing for little money."

"I would say it's a minimal cost for the peace of mind it gives you. I now know that the trauma she had from her first stroke will never happen again."

Peace of mind

"It's totally reliable; tested regularly, and there is good communication which is reassuring."

"It is such peace of mind for the user and the family."

"For your own safety it's a wonderful idea as we all do silly things don't we?"

"I would just recommend it for everyone's peace of mind, my mother included, it helps to give the user a chance to stay on their own, otherwise we would be pressing my mother to go into sheltered accommodation or a home for the elderly."

"It's given me peace of mind not worrying about her just lying there and also it's given my mother more confidence."

"It's a great reassurance, if anything happens I will be able to do something and get assistance. It works."

"It makes her feel more secure - and she is a lot more comfortable and confident to move around the house. I don't feel guilty about leaving her alone."

Customer service

"When I fell and fractured my hip, they had the ambulance here in 10 minutes and my daughter and son soon after."

"It was excellent, first class. I walked out into the garden and realised I was not well, I headed back inside - pressed the button and in 15 minutes my daughter and granddaughter were there."

"The way that they take the calls, they are so nice, calm and comforting. If we needed any sort of emergency service they provide that as well."

"They are all very polite and they answer me quickly, they are also very caring."

Set-up and We-Connect Service

"Within days of contacting PPP Taking Care my Dad's alarm was fitted. The guy who came was so friendly. Now I have peace of mind knowing he can get help quickly if needed."

"My installer took a lot of time explaining how to use my lifeline and provided a quick response when I needed advice a few weeks after it was activated."

"I needed to upgrade to a 'Falls Alarm' and the speed to get this installed was amazing. The system was upgraded also. Excellent service."

* Customer feedback, October and November 2017

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