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Connecting Your Personal Alarm: What You Need

Connecting your personal alarm servie
What you need to connect your personal alarm
  • A modern phone socket and a mains electricity socket nearby (within 10 feet).
  • To support our personal alarm service, you need either two keyholders or one keyholder and a key safe. A keyholder is someone who has keys to your home, lives within 20 minutes and can come to your assistance if needed. This means there is always a way to get help to you, whenever you need it.
  • A key safe is a secure, weatherproof box to keep a set of keys outside your home. We can supply a key safe as part of your personal alarm service.

Follow our personal alarm set-up instructions to learn how to set-up and test your personal alarm.

If you have any problems, our Customer Service team is just a phone call away on 0800 085 7310 - we are here to help.