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How To Connect Your Personal Alarm Service

How to connect
Personal alarm set-up instructions

When your order a PPP Taking Care personal alarm, we will send you a brochure with full instructions and diagrams for you to follow.  

To connect your alarm:

  • Unplug any existing telephones from the telephone wall socket (or broadband filter if fitted) then plug the telephone adapter into the alarm unit's telephone socket and plug the telephone into the telephone adapter.
  • Plug the telephone lead into the alarm unit socket labelled 'LINE' and the telephone wall socket.
  • If your home has broadband, please ensure the alarm unit is plugged into the ASDL filter provided by your broadband supplier.
  • Plug the power adapter into the alarm unit socket labelled 'DC' and then connect to the mains power.
  • Note: Only use with the power adapter supplied with the alarm unit.


Setting the time and date on your alarm unit

  • To set the clock, your home telephone must be plugged into the white adapter. The alarm unit must be plugged in to mains power and switched ON with the green LED light on.
  • Press and hold the green cancel button for 6 seconds until the unit beeps once.
  • Release the button and unit will announce "programming mode".
  • Lift the handset of the attached telephone and press on your telephone keypad: * 6 1 * DD MM YY HH MM 1 1 *
    • DD represents day of the month (01 - 31)
    • MM represents the month (01 - 12)
    • YY represents the two digit year (00 - 99)
    • MM represents the minutes (00 - 59)
    • 1 is daylight saving zone
    • 1 is auto update
  • e.g. 21st June 2019 at 4.35pm would be: * 6 1 * 21 06 19 16 35 1 1 *
  • Replace the telephone handset and press the green cancel button once to exit the programming mode.


Activating and testing the alarm unit:

  • Activate and test your unit by pressing the red button on the alarm unit. This will generate a call through to the Emergency Resolution Centre.
  • When the operator answers via the alarm unit, let them know that you have just installed the alarm unit. The operator will welcome you to the service and check they have your
    correct contact details, prior to guiding you through the testing process.
  • After your previous call has been closed down by the operator, press your pendant button while standing in the room with the alarm unit. The operator will guide you through a
    testing process from several points in your home and garden, so that you are able to establish the range of the system.
  • Each time you press your pendant you will need to return to the alarm unit and speak to the operator who will confirm the test has been successful.
  • Once you have made your final pendant range test the operator will then close down the call.

If you have any problems, our Customer Service team is just a phone call away on 0800 085 7310 - we are here to help.


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