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Personal Alarm Service FAQs

Personal alarm service FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about our Personal Alarm Service

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that customers ask about our Personal Alarm Service before ordering.

If you have an issue with your personal alarm service or you think there is a fault, please read our personal alarm troubleshooting guide or call our Customer Services team on 0800 085 7310 - we are here to help.


The personal alarm service has a £69 one off charge that covers registration and delivery. There is a £3.80 per week subscription that covers the 24/7 monitoring and this is collected monthly.

If you order the We-Connect service, we will set-up, demonstrate and test your personal alarm for you. The We-Connect service costs an additional £99.

All prices exclude VAT which will be added at 20% where the customer isn't eligible for zero rating. Note the majority of our customers are eligible for VAT zero rating due to long term medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure. Simply provide your VAT exemption details when ordering online or complete the VAT exemption form that we send you if ordering by telephone and we’ll do the rest.

The cost of delivery is included. We offer free next day delivery to all postcodes in England and Wales for self-install orders received by 1pm, Monday - Friday. This means you and your family can quickly benefit from the peace of mind that our personal alarm service provides. If you prefer, you can nominate a day for your delivery or pay an additional £4.99 for Saturday delivery. For those areas of the UK that we cannot deliver to within 24 hours, we offer a 48 hour delivery instead.

We provide a brochure with full instructions and diagrams for you to follow. 

You can also follow the instructions online to connect and test your personal alarm.

The pendant is water resistant, so you can wear it in the shower, but it’s not advisable to completely submerge it in a bath.

It shouldn’t do, but just to be on the safe side please ensure a broadband filter is fitted to each telephone socket that is in use. Broadband filters are widely available from electrical stores, online or from your broadband provider.

Yes, you can add another pendant for anyone living at the same address for just £35 with no on-going additional charge. If you would like to find out more contact Customer Services on 0800 085 7310 who will be happy to help.

We recommend you fit a key safe to store your house keys securely outside of your home. On such occasions, we’ll share the key safe code with the emergency services so they can get to you quickly.

If you change your address, telephone number or there are changes to your medical conditions or keyholders contact information, it’s important to tell us straightaway.   We rely on this information being correct so we can arrange assistance for you if you need it.

Please call Customer Services on 0800 085 7310 and speak to one of our team.

If this happens, please don’t worry; the battery in the base unit will keep the service going for approximately 40 hours. The alarm unit will also send us a signal if your power goes off and we’ll call you to check you’re aware and that you’re OK.

We won’t know if this happens, but your unit will play a message to inform you of the issue. We suggest borrowing a phone from your friend or neighbour to inform your telephone provider of the fault.

Yes, you’ll need to be set-up with ‘Type talk’ or ‘Next Generation Text’ for us to be able to contact you, or alternatively we can contact your chosen keyholders.

If you have more than one landline telephone, it may interfere with the alarm unit when the other phone is in use or if it is left off the hook. Get in touch with our Customer Services on 0800 085 7310 for further advice on how to avoid this.

If you no longer require the PPP Taking Care Personal Alarm Service, please ring our Customer Services team on 0800 085 7310 who will be happy to explain what you need to do.

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