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The Sandwich Generation: The Hidden Emotional Costs of Caring For Elderly Relatives

The hidden cost of caring for elderly parents

27th February 2018

A growing number of working people find themselves in the so-called sandwich generation – caring for dependant children and for elderly relatives at the same time. This video tells the story of Nicky who is struggling to care for her ageing father Ken, whilst balancing her family commitments and work.
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What the Doctor Ordered: How To Worry Less About Your Prescriptions

How to manage NHS medications and drugs

23rd February 2018

With Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announcing the need to tackle the 1 in 5 drug errors in the NHS, learn how you can manage your medications and worry less about getting the right prescriptions, correct dosage and harmful side effects.
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How To Support The Sandwich Generation In Your Workforce

How to support the sandwich generation in the workforce

23rd February 2018

One in nine employees has a caring role in the UK, according to Carers UK. And, as the number of elderly people in the UK continues to rise, a growing number of working people will find themselves in the so-called sandwich generation – caring for dependant children and for elderly relatives at the same time.
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Keeping People Safe In a Digital World With Telecare and Telehealth

Telecare and telehealth use of digital technologies

6th February 2018

How many of us made a new friend called Alexa this year? Quite a few. From the rankings on Amazon, digital assistants were the most popular Christmas gifts around. For most of us, they’re a fun and interesting novelty. But they also give us clues as to what’s around the corner in telecare and telehealth - especially for helping older and vulnerable people.
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When Your Elderly Relatives Won’t Talk About Loneliness…

Loneliness in elderly relatives

18th January 2018

If someone you’re close to feels lonely, it can be difficult to know what to do or say. It’s a sensitive subject, and you might feel wary of intruding. How can you show you care, and make sure your loved one trusts any extra care and support you may be able to arrange?
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Talking To Your Parents About Their Future Care

How to talk to ageing or elderly parents about care options

1st December 2017

It’s difficult to talk to ageing parents about elderly care and their future plans. Generally, there is no time like the present and it’s easier to have a relaxed discussion whilst they’re in good health. Read our tips for talking to elderly parents about care and support.
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Age UK Personal Alarms Acquired by AXA

Age UK Personal Alarms purchased by AXA

9th September 2016

AXA has announced that it has reached an agreement with Age UK to acquire its personal alarms telecare business.
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