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Why Carers Need Care Too

Support for carers in UK

16th May 2018

If you’re busy looking after an elderly mum or dad, you’re in good company. In the UK, more than six million of us provide some kind of care for family and friends. That’s more than the entire population of Denmark.
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Count Me In - The Benefits of Volunteering for the Elderly

How the elderly benefit from volunteering

14th May 2018

Lots of studies show that volunteering is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing. It doesn’t matter how old you are. By helping others, you feel connected and pay less attention to day-to-day worries.
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Care Options For Your Elderly Relatives Whilst You Are On Holiday

Holiday care options for elderly relatives

2nd May 2018

With summer holidays around the corner, there’s plenty to get ready. But many of us worry how our elderly relatives will cope when we’re away. There’s the fear of what would happen in an emergency, with a bit of guilt thrown in. Who will look after Mum and Dad?
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How To Stay Healthy As You Age

Tips for staying fit and healthy as you get older

23rd April 2018

The good news is that we shouldn’t obsess about cholesterol, or the stressful events that life throws at us. There are many other things that have a bigger impact if we want to age well. Most of them are well within our control.
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What To Consider When Choosing a Telecare Solution

How to choose a telecare provider

9th April 2018

Whether you have recently made the decision to use telecare in your care for a loved one, or are just exploring the options, it is important to be informed when it comes to selecting a solution to best meet your needs.
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What Is Telecare?

Telecare and Technology Enabled Care

8th April 2018

Find out what telecare is and how it can help you remain independent at home with remote technology enabled care such as personal alarms and home adaptations.
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How To Protect Elderly Relatives From Bogus Callers

Telecare technology

15th March 2018

Being the victim of a bogus caller can have a dramatic effect on you. Having your money or valuables stolen is bad enough. But the shame and humiliation that older people can feel after being scammed can be just as bad. There are steps that you can take to prevent this from happening though.
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Staying Independent with The Telecare Tech Challenge

Telecare technology

7th March 2018

AXA's awards programme will help our customers stay independent and we're contributing our telecare expertise in the search for new and innovative technology to improve health and wellbeing.
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How To Prevent Falls: Helping The Elderly Stay Steady On Their Feet

Preventing falls in the elderly

6th March 2018

What’s the largest cause of hospital admissions for older people? You might guess that it’s the latest winter flu bug. But you’d be wrong - it’s a more everyday problem. Nearly a quarter of a million older people go to hospitals in England every year after falling.
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PPP Taking Care Helping The Elderly Remain Safe Through Winter

Winter safety for the elderly

5th March 2018

Staff at PPP Taking Care went the extra mile to keep the 24 hour personal alarm service running to support thousands of vulnerable people across the UK when snow storms and extreme weather battered the UK during February and March 2018.
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