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Celebrating 70 Years of Social Care

Social care challenges

4th September 2018

The NHS has rightly been celebrated as a national treasure at 70 years old. But the 1940s also saw the start of the welfare state and social care. We look at its achievements - and the challenges social care faces today.
Read about the changing face of social care

The Changing Tide of Care

Local government care

1st August 2018

With in-home adult social care under pressure from all sides, PPP Taking Care's Managing Director, Richard Turner, has been talking to Local Gov News about how technology can help local authorities ease the strain.
Read about the challenges local authorities face supporting the elderly at home

New Home Care Service For Hospital Patients

Home care for occupational therapy patients

12th July 2018

When older people leave hospital, they need extra support to get back on their feet. If you work in occupational therapy, you’ll know more about this than anyone. You’ll also know that rising demand and reduced funding are making a tricky problem worse. That's why we have developed our new Home & Well service.
Learn more about our new home care service

Getting Support When Returning Home From Hospital

Where to find home from hospital support

4th July 2018

Returning home from hospital can be an anxious time if you are worried about how you will cope without the support of hospital staff. Given ever-rising demands for social care, you might feel a big gap between the support offered at hospital and at home.
Find out what home from hospital support is available

Hot Weather Safety Advice For Older Adults

Hot Weather Safety Advice For Older Adults

15th June 2018

For older people, the dangers from a cold snap are crystal-clear. But when the temperature goes the other way, it’s easy to forget there are just as many health risks.
Find out what you can do to stay safe in the summer

Small Steps For a Dementia Friendly Home

Make a home more dementia friendly

11th June 2018

It's hard to know what you can do to keep your loved ones safe in their home if they have dementia. We look at some small steps you can take as a start.
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Why Carers Need Care Too

Support for carers in UK

16th May 2018

If you’re busy looking after an elderly mum or dad, you’re in good company. In the UK, more than six million of us provide some kind of care for family and friends. That’s more than the entire population of Denmark.
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Count Me In - The Benefits of Volunteering for the Elderly

How the elderly benefit from volunteering

14th May 2018

Lots of studies show that volunteering is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing. It doesn’t matter how old you are. By helping others, you feel connected and pay less attention to day-to-day worries.
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Care Options For Your Elderly Relatives Whilst You Are On Holiday

Holiday care options for elderly relatives

2nd May 2018

With summer holidays around the corner, there’s plenty to get ready. But many of us worry how our elderly relatives will cope when we’re away. There’s the fear of what would happen in an emergency, with a bit of guilt thrown in. Who will look after Mum and Dad?
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How To Stay Healthy As You Age

Tips for staying fit and healthy as you get older

23rd April 2018

The good news is that we shouldn’t obsess about cholesterol, or the stressful events that life throws at us. There are many other things that have a bigger impact if we want to age well. Most of them are well within our control.
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