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PPP Taking Care To Provide Chichester Careline Telecare Service

Chichester Careline service provided by PPP Taking Care

22nd January 2019

PPP Taking Care is taking over the Chichester Careline telecare service. The 24-hour service provides support and assistance, allowing people to live independently at home. It is run by Chichester District Council, and ownership will transfer in March.
Read the Chichester Careline announcement

Busting The Myths About Personal Alarms

Personal alarm myths

16th January 2019

If you have never used a personal alarm before then you may be worried about the cost or how it works. That is why we have compiled this list of common myths and preconceptions of personal alarms.
Read 11 myths about personal alarms

3rings Recommends PPP Taking Care As Alternative For Customers

Alternative to 3rings

10th January 2019

3rings has announced it will terminate it's service from 1st March 2019. PPP Taking Care are delighted that 3rings has chosen PPP Taking Care as a recommended alternative solution for its customers.
Alternative to the 3rings service

Technology Enabled Care For Occupational Therapists

technology enabled care

20th November 2018

Occupational therapists have long been acknowledged to be a crucial factor in reducing hospital admissions. However, in our recent survey 66% of OTs said they don’t have time to fulfil the full range of work they feel is core to their job. Is more efficient technology-enabled care the solution for the workforce?
Read more about technology enabled care for OTs

How The Analogue To Digital Telephone Transition Affects Telecare

Analogue to digital transition

12th November 2018

Today’s telecare relies on the current phone network. The analogue-to-digital telephone transition will affect the services provided by telecare providers and local authorities. Read about the challenges and opportunities.
How the analogue to digital telephone transition affects telecare

Technology-Enabled Care and Occupational Therapists

Technology enabled care

2nd November 2018

Occupational therapists have long been acknowledged as a crucial factor in reducing hospital admissions. Here, Richard Turner, Managing Director of PPP Taking Care, asks whether more efficient technology-enabled care is the solution for the OT workforce?
Read 'Technology-enabled care and OTs'

'Taking Care of The Future' Workshop for Local Authorities

Technology enabled care for local authorities

18th October 2018

PPP Taking Care hosted a workshop for Local Authorities at The Gherkin in London on 4th October. The workshop gave attendees the opportunity to discuss the challenges Local Authorities face to support an ever-growing ageing population and the transition from analogue to digital telecare services. Find out more and how PPP Taking Care can host a workshop for your organisation.
'Taking Care of The Future' workshop

How Does Technology Answer the Changing Needs of Local Authorities?

Local Authority Social Care Challenges

20th September 2018

Richard Turner, Managing Director at PPP Taking Care, has given his take on how technology can address the challenges Local Authorities face in supporting the elderly at home while managing increasingly stretched budgets.
Read the Local Authority News article online

Let's Take a Minute To Appreciate Grandparents

Grandparents Day 7th October

18th September 2018

For many of us, grandparents are the family’s anchor. So if you have grandparents in your life, take a minute to appreciate them. Countless thousands of people take part in Grandparents’ Day, going to fundraising parties or just sharing family recipes.
Let's celebrate Grandparents Day and role of grandparents play in families.

Celebrating 70 Years of Social Care

Social care challenges

4th September 2018

The NHS has rightly been celebrated as a national treasure at 70 years old. But the 1940s also saw the start of the welfare state and social care. We look at its achievements - and the challenges social care faces today.
Read about the changing face of social care

The Changing Tide of Care

Local government care

1st August 2018

With in-home adult social care under pressure from all sides, PPP Taking Care's Managing Director, Richard Turner, has been talking to Local Gov News about how technology can help local authorities ease the strain.
Read about the challenges local authorities face supporting the elderly at home

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