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Getting Support When Returning Home From Hospital

Finding home from hospital support for the elderly
Home’s best – help to renew confidence after hospital discharge

Returning home from hospital can be an anxious time if you are worried about how you will cope without the support of hospital staff.

When older people leave hospital, they need extra support to get back on their feet. They can worry about this more than their actual treatment – and so do their sons and daughters. Close relatives often live far away, and work commitments make it hard to be with loved ones. To top it all, some patients have to go home and look after their own spouse or partner.

Given ever-rising demands for social care, you might feel a big gap between the support offered at hospital and at home. Vulnerable people are often frail, with complex needs and long-term conditions. And if you don’t think your loved one is getting the right care, it’s easy to start feeling guilty.

When we can fix this, everyone wins, including our under-pressure healthcare services.

What support is there when I get home from hospital?

If you’re concerned about someone you care for, you might be interested in something we’ve been developing at PPP Taking Care. Our Home & Well service mixes practical, day-to-day help with emotional support. After all, both are vital for your loved one’s wellbeing - and helping them enjoy an independent life at home.

Home & Well offers 24/7 help at the touch of a button, on a pendant or wrist strap. It also includes a medical information service staffed by experts. That’s important because one of the difficulties after hospital is managing medication. Does your elderly friend or relative understand any new prescriptions? With less supervision, are they following the right dosage? Our pharmacists are there to help with any concerns, no matter how big or small. There’s also a medical support line, with nurses on hand for any other health and wellbeing worries.

Wellbeing checks and home monitoring

The service includes a weekly wellbeing check. This is done over the phone, allowing a friendly advisor to see how your loved one is getting on. Our advisors are experts at helping vulnerable people, so they can pick up signs you might miss. This might be about personal care, or emotional problems like feeling lonely. Sometimes it’s not easy to raise these things with family members, so it’s good to have someone else to listen.

Then again, a phone call is just as likely to reveal more everyday things. Perhaps a particular household chore is becoming a problem, or the heating is playing up. After the calls, our advisors can keep you (or other nominated family and friends) up-to-date. So however busy life gets, you know that a trusted contact has been in touch with your loved one in the last few days.

You can also enhance your Home & Well service by adding a robust key safe to allow quick access to the home and monitored home sensors for extra protection.

Safe home assessments

Where frailty is a problem, there are two extra options we can include. One is a lightweight fall detector that’s worn about the wrist or belt. This is handy if someone has balance problems or weaker muscles after a hospital stay. So it offers valuable re-assurance and peace of mind.

The second is a safe home assessment, where we visit your loved one to see if their surroundings are safe and suitable. Our experience means we can see if their care and support needs are being met – and how to make things better.

How to get home from hospital care

At PPP Taking Care, we help over 70,000 people stay in the homes they love. Our Home & Well service is free for the first six weeks.*

At the beginning of the service, the customer registers and sets up payment. Payments will be taken only from the end of the six-week free period, unless we are advised that the service is no longer required.

Home & Well is quick and easy to arrange – so everyone gets the benefits without the fuss of long waiting times.


* Price excludes VAT which will be added at 20% where the customer is not eligible for zero rating. To be eligible for the Home & Well service, you must have been discharged from hospital six weeks prior to point of enquiry. Home & Well service also includes returning home from respite care.

Home from Hospital Care

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