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Customer Stories

Personal alarm for the eldery recommendations

Our personal alarm service provides peace of mind to our customers and their families.

Our customers value their independence and 96% say they wouldn’t be without their personal alarm service. *


Alice's story: Gran was won over by the reassurance the personal alarm gives her

PPP Taking Care help Val feel much safer with a personal alarm

"We were all really impressed with the service, particularly Val, who was a bit sceptical at first but now doesn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone!" explains Alice.

"As a family, it’s given us reassurance that Val is in good hands, and that help is just the touch of a button away should she need it."

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Dion's story: Help was just the touch of a button away

PPP Taking Care help Dion's mother to live an independent life – and proves crucial when she has a fall

“Everything about PPP Taking Care’s service has exceeded my expectations,” says Dion Austin, whose mother, Joan, was rescued by the service earlier this year. 

“It all started at 6am on a Saturday morning,” explains Dion. “My phone rang, and a calm lady at PPP Taking Care informed me that she had spoken to Mum, who had fallen over and couldn’t get up. She’d already called an ambulance for her.”

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Tricia's story: Living safely and independently 

Tricia has Multiple Sclerosis and PPP Taking Care’s personal alarm - and her dog, Barclay - help her to remain independent

“Because I fall a lot, Barclay has tuned into me and he knows when I start to feel unwell or unsteady. Now that he has been trained to press the alarm button, it has given me even more reassurance that I always have access to help when I need it.

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John's story: Locating people living with Dementia and Alzheimer's

John had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and went missing on Christmas Day when he went out walking with his family

John's wife, Rosemary, said "If John hadn’t been wearing the device around his neck, it would have been very difficult to locate him. If it hadn’t been for the people helping us, I dread to think what would have happened."

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Customer recommendations

“Definitely worthwhile, a good investment knowing help is at hand in an emergency." *

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* Customer feedback, October 2017

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