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Telecare customer recommendations
Customer stories

PPP Taking Care help Dion's mother to live an independent life – and proves crucial when she has a fall.

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Personal alarm recommendations

100% of customers surveyed said they were satisfied with their PPP Taking Care Personal Alarm Service. *

Customer recommendations

Customer research, October 2017

Support services for older adults
Helpful hints

It’s difficult to talk to parents about care and their future plans. Read our tips for talking to elderly parents about care and support.

Tips for talking about care options

Personal alarm guides
Personal alarm service

Step by step guide on how to connect your personal alarm and troubleshooting guide. 

Personal alarm guides

Medical support lines for older adults
Medical helpline

Questions often asked by our customers about our Medical Support Line and Medication Information Service. 

Medical helpline FAQs

Fitting a key safe
Key safes

Find out how to use your key safe and questions often asked.

Key safe guides