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Safe Home Assessment service

Safe Home Assessment

Living independently in the home you love is often top of the list for many people, especially as you get older. Feeling safe and secure can make a big difference to you, and the way you live.

With our Safe Home Assessment service, a trained assessor will visit your home to ensure that you’re living in an environment that is safe and suitable, and that all your care and support needs are met.

Call 0800 916 0554 to book your Safe Home Assessment today for £180. 

Make your house a safe home

Having an expert pair of eyes to detect everyday risks and dangers can be invaluable in creating a safer home.

  • During the visit we’ll identify any general risk or hazards to health, safety and security.
  • We’ll ask you about how well you are managing at home and listen to any concerns you may have.
  • We’ll assess what support you currently have in place and, based on your individual circumstances, recommend new services or adaptations that could make your life easier.

Simple changes or additions to homes can make them a much safer and more secure place to live, particularly if you’re finding it harder to carry out everyday tasks. 

Considering domiciliary care, or installing a personal alarm, might make all the difference and offer welcome reassurance. We can also signpost you to legal and financial advisors if specific expertise is required.

Safe Home Assessment visit

What happens after the assessment?

Once the assessment is complete you’ll receive a full report of recommendations within five working days to help you decide what action you wish to take.

We will identify:

  • Any simple changes or additions to your home to make it safer and more secure.
  • What support you currently receive such as domiciliary care.
  • How you are managing at home and if you need additional support.
  • Legal and financial advisors who can offer advice about subjects such as Power of Attorney.
  • The need for telecare equipment like a personal alarm.
  • Any general risks to health, safety and security such as trip hazards.

You are under no obligation to act on our recommendations. You can consider your options with your family and make an informed decision based on the advice offered specifically for you.

Safe home assessment advice

Quick and easy to arrange

We understand for some customers leaving hospital, time is crucial to get the right support quickly in place. 

Once consent is received we can normally arrange a visit within days which means you are not reliant upon where you live or time constraints that may be in place with local authorities or other organisations.

Once the assessment is complete you’ll receive a full report of recommendations within five working days.  This means you can consider your options with your family and make an informed decision in your own time based on the advice offered specifically for you.

Each PPP Taking Care Assessor has achieved the DLF Trusted Assessors Training that is nationally accredited by the Open College Network so you can be sure they are experienced and trained to give sound advice.

The Safe Home Assessment costs £180 and can be ordered by calling 0800 916 0554We are happy to help or answer any queries you may have.

The Safe Home Assessment is only available to order by phone.

Who this service can help

This service is available to anyone and you do not need to be a personal alarm service customer. A Safe Home Assessment can help anyone who is:

  • Looking for advice on health, safety and security within the home.
  • Due to have an operation or leaving hospital and may benefit from a Safe Home Assessment.
  • Finding it more difficult to get around at home and perform everyday tasks.
  • Aware that friends and family worry about them.


Features at a glance

Key features of a Safe Home Assessment include:

  • Full home assessment and personalised advice on improvements and services that will make your life easier.
  • We'll visit you at home at an agreed day and time. You can invite family members to be present if you wish.
  • Receive advice on Power of Attorney and other legal and financial matters.
  • Full report with recommendations so there is no need to remember it all. If you wish we can direct you to services and adaptations that are available to help you remain living safely and independently at home.


Questions we might ask

Many people find it reassuring to know what kind of questions we might ask during a Safe Home Assessment. We want to make sure your home is safe and suitable, and that all your care and support needs are met. These are examples of the questions we might ask:

  • Do you have adequate alarms in the property such as smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms?
  • Do you have trouble operating appliances and equipment?
  • Have you had a fall? Are there any objects or furniture within your home that might put you at risk of a fall?
  • What adaptations might be helpful?
  • Are you aware of all the benefits and services to which you’re entitled?
  • How you are managing to prepare meals, get dressed and go shopping.
  • Whether you’re getting out to clubs and activities or would like to.

For more information or to discuss the support available, please call us on 0800 916 0554 or email

Ready to order?

When you are ready to order, please call 0800 916 0554.

If you have any questions about our Safe Home Assessment and telecare services, please get in touch. We're happy to help!

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