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Fall detectors for the elderly

Fall Alarm - With 24 Hour Support

Live safely in the home you love with reassurance that help is available when it is needed most with our fall alarm system.

Add a fall sensor to your personal alarm package from 96p per week - call 0800 085 7371. 

Our fall detector automatically alerts our Emergency Resolution Centre when it detects you have fallen so we can get help to you quickly.

 † Price excludes VAT which will be added at 20% where the customer is not eligible for zero rating.

Fall alarms for old people and the elderly

How the fall alarm works

The fall sensor works alongside the personal alarm unit and is a lightweight device worn around the wrist or around the neck.

To minimise false alarms our fall detector has intelligent algorithms and has been designed to detect only serious falls with a heavy impact. This helps eliminate false alarms triggered by bending down, sitting down quickly or even banging an arm against a wall.

The sensor will vibrate and the LED indicator will flash red if it is about to raise an alarm, reassuring the wearer that help is on the way if they are unable to communicate. If it is a false alarm, the wearer has time to cancel it by pressing the button on the fall sensor. Otherwise it will contact our response team who will take appropriate action by calling the wearer's keyholders or emergency services.

To order an elderly fall alarm with our personal alarm service or add one to your existing telecare package, call us on 0800 085 7371. We are happy to help or answer any queries you may have.

The fall sensor is only available to order by phone.

What happens in an emergency?

When it detects the wearer has fallen, the elderly fall detector contacts our 24 hour Emergency Resolution Centre by dialling through the personal alarm base unit. The Emergency Resolution team will try and speak with you over the two-way speaker in the alarm to assess the situation.

Even if you cannot speak, the team will know where you live and will contact your keyholders, such as a family member or neighbour, or the emergency services on your behalf. 

98.5% of alarm calls are answered within 60 seconds so you can be confident of help when you need it most, even in the middle of the night. *

Buy a fall detector

How to order an elderly fall sensor

To order a fall detector with a personal alarm or add one to your existing telecare service, call us on 0800 085 7371.

  • The fall alarm is £78 to buy and then 96p per week for the 24 hour monitoring service for any number of sensors.
  • There is a £99 installation charge if fitted separately to your personal alarm. 

The fall sensor is only available to order by phone.

Automatic fall alarms

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

If you have suffered a fall in the past or have become a little unsteady then it's only natural to worry about what will happen if you fall and no one is around.

Many people are particularly at risk of falling at night when it is more difficult to see and easy to become disorientated or stumble.

A fall detector can be a real life saver by signalling for help, especially in the winter months when homes become very cold and hypothermia can quickly set it.

For more information, please call 0800 085 7371. We are happy to help or answer any queries you may have.

Get help when you fall at home

"Everything about PPP Taking Care’s service has exceeded my expectations"

Our service provides peace of mind to our customers and their families. Our customers value their independence and 96% say they wouldn’t be without their personal alarm service. *

PPP Taking Care help Dion's mother to live an independent life and the service proved crucial when she had a fall.

“It all started at 6am on a Saturday morning,” explains Dion. “My phone rang, and a calm lady at PPP Taking Care informed me that she had spoken to Mum, who had fallen over and couldn’t get up. She’d already called an ambulance for her."

"It was such a relief that Mum’s alarm had connected her with someone who could help. Without it, I don’t know what she’d have done.”

Recommended by our customers

"I needed to upgrade to a 'Falls Alarm' and the speed to get this installed was amazing. The system was upgraded also. Excellent service."
Mrs Hall, November 2017

"I have had this service for many years and wouldn't be without it. I have told countless people about it and many have subscribed."
Mrs Barnes, November 2017

"With my own health issues and after a nasty fall in the house when my mobile phone battery needed charge and I was stranded on the floor for several hours until my husband returned. The alarm now gives me peace of mind."
Mrs Ewart, October 2017


Product features at a glance
  • Can be worn discreetly on the wrist or as a pendant alarm.
  • Can also be used as a personal alarm with built in alarm call button.
  • No need to call if you fall. A remote signal is automatically sent to the alarm unit which has a two-way speaker that is audible from different rooms in the house.
  • Different levels of sensitivity to eliminate false alarms.
  • Two year battery life and no wiring necessary.
  • Daily battery self-test and low battery reporting.
  • Works up to 150 metres from the alarm base unit so you can get about your daily life knowing you can get support if it is needed.
  • Can be worn in the shower, providing reassurance when you might be more at risk.
  • Vibration alert and colour LED light so you know when the fall detector has called the response centre.


Your questions answered

The fall detector has five levels of sensitivity and uses intelligent algorithms to eliminate most false alarms associated with day-to-day movement.

If the detector does go off, we will always contact you to make sure you are OK.

You need our personal alarm service because the fall detector sends a remote signal to the personal alarm base unit when a fall is detected so our response centre is contacted.

If you do not have a personal alarm unit, you can read about our personal alarms here.

To support our personal alarm service, we recommend either two keyholders or a key safe. A keyholder is someone who has keys to your home, lives within 30 minutes and can come to your assistance if needed. This means there is always a way to get help to you, whenever you need it. We can supply a key safe when you order your personal alarm.

You simply wear it on the wrist like a watch. To minimise false alarms, it should be worn on the least dominant side i.e. a right handed person should wear it on their left wrist and vice-versa. It can also be worn around the neck as a pendant.

If you would like to add a fall detector to your personal alarm service, simply call us on 0800 085 7371. The fall detector is only available to order by phone.

You can enhance your personal alarm service with our range of home sensors and medical helpline at any time.

The fall detector costs £78 to buy and then 96p per week for the 24 hour monitoring service. There is a £99 installation charge if fitted separately to your personal alarm.

You have the right to cancel within 14 days of purchase. If you change your mind, simply give us a call.

The fall detector has a long two year battery life. It performs a daily self-test and has a low battery reporting function so there is no need to worry about the battery running out.

Please note: The fall alarms will not detect all falls dependant on where it is worn and the type of fall due to lack of sufficient shock or impact. Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only and product models may differ. Range will vary according to environment. Figure quoted is from original equipment manufacturer's specification.

Support and Advice
Medical helplines for the elderly
Medical support and information

Add medical helplines to your personal alarm service to get expert advice about your health and medication from qualified nurses and trained pharmacists.

Key safe for elderly homes
Add a key safe to your package

A key safe is a simple and secure way to store a door key and provide the emergency services with convenient and immediate access to your home.

Choosing telecare
Choosing a telecare provider

Whether you have recently made the decision to use telecare in your care for a loved one, or are just exploring the options, it is important to be informed when it comes to selecting a telecare solution to best meet your needs

Ready to order?

When you are ready to order, please call 0800 085 7371.

If you have any questions about our personal alarm and telecare services, please get in touch. We're happy to help!

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