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Case management service for elderly care

Case Management Service

Trying to get to grips with how the health and social care system works, and what you may be entitled to, can be a tricky and time consuming business.

It’s a mine field trying to navigate your way around the numerous documents and agencies.

We can do this for you.

Call 0800 916 0554 to order the Case Management Service today. 

Guiding you through the care maze

Our Case Management Service provides personalised, practical and co-ordinated advice from a dedicated Case Manager. We can help with challenges ranging from how the health and social care system works and benefit entitlements, to the different types of care and certain legal matters you may need to consider.

Your Case Manager is a trained health and social care specialist so you can be confident they are trustworthy, experienced and will give you reliable advice.

We’ll discuss your individual situation to understand your specific needs and any issues you’re facing. You’ll receive personal advice and guidance on the wide range of services that are available to make life easier for you and your family.

Social care advice

We'll support you every step of the way

Through our Case Management Service we will:

  • Give you one-to-one support to source the right information for your personal circumstances.
  • If you require, organise a variety of contractors, suppliers and services.
  • Guide you through health/social paperwork.
  • Find out how to arrange a care assessment from your local authority.
  • Secure and help you to complete any benefit application forms that you may be entitled to, for example Attendance Allowance, Carers Allowance etc.
  • Locate publicly available information.
  • Signpost you to legal and financial advisors.
  • Assist co-ordinating actions and support you to reach the right decision for you and your family.

The first appointment can normally be arranged within a few days, so it’s a great option if you want to get support set up and in place quickly.

For more information, call us on 0800 916 0554 or email

Health and social care case advice

Expert support at the end of the phone

It can be difficult to know who or where to turn to. When information is available, it can be confusing and daunting. The Case Management Service can benefit anyone who:

  • Would like one-to-one support to source and understand the right information for their personal circumstances.
  • Is finding it more difficult to manage at home and would like to know what services and benefits are available to make their life easier.
  • Who’s circumstances have recently changed and may be entitled to benefits and allowances.
  • Would like legal or financial advice.

For more information, call us on 0800 916 0554 or email

Features at a glance

Your Case Manager is a trained health and social care specialist so you can be confident they are trustworthy, experienced and will give you reliable advice.

  • Receive personalised advice and support from a dedicated and experienced Case Manager.
  • Telephone appointments at times to suit you so you can plan you day and not have to wait home unnecessarily.
  • Co-ordinated actions to help you reach your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, and relieve any stress or anxiety.
  • The service is quick to arrange. You will not have to wait weeks before you can get the right support in place.
How to order the Case Management Service

The service costs £300 for three hours personal support. Times can be arranged to suit you and family members are always welcome to join us. 

To order the Case Management Service, call us on 0800 916 0554.

The Case Management Service is only available to order by phone.

Ready to order?

When you are ready to order, please call 0800 916 0554.

If you have any questions about our Case Management Service, please get in touch. We're happy to help!

Call 0800 916 0554