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About Us

What does Taking Care mean to us?

It’s about giving you the freedom to live life the way you choose.

It’s security. It’s independence. It’s giving you the confidence to live well and feel supported in every way.

Who we are

We have been providing personal alarm services for more than 30 years and now help over 52,000 people stay in the homes they love, for longer.

PPP Taking Care is a subsidiary of AXA PPP healthcare Group, a leading UK private healthcare company with over 75 years’ experience in providing healthcare products and services. In 2016 we acquired the Aid-Call monitoring centre who provide the Age UK Personal Alarm service.

In 2017 we became known as PPP Taking Care and now have around 150 staff working around the clock. Each one has been carefully chosen for their caring and professional manner and make us who we are.

What we do

We offer peace of mind to our customers and their families through our 24/7 personal alarm service. In the event of an emergency, perhaps you’ve taken ill or fallen, our highly trained response service team is just the touch of a button away.

Our personal alarm business is a small first step towards a greater ambition: to be a single source of products, services, information and advice you can trust to take care of the essentials of life.

We’ll soon be launching a new broader range of services to help you keep your independence and embrace a healthier and more active life.